Our Mission Statement

Advantage E-Cycling is committed to the safeguarding the digital information entrusted to us throughout the secure destruction process. Our goal is to provide our clients with a cost effective and professional service that guarantees security of information, ensures compliance with all laws regarding security of information, and helps clients reduce their waste stream through environmentally sound recycling while representing a genuine value of the highest quality. We will strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations by maintaining the highest standards of operations. Advantage E-Cycling values the trust our clients place in our company and the services we provide.  We will demonstrate the value we place in our clients through the quality of services we provide.

Who We Are

Advantage E-Cycling is based in Jackson, Mississippi.  We have modern state of the art equipment and operate an up-to-date fleet of trucks and vehicles for our secure transport and destruction services.  We utilize the latest technology in all of our operations including computerized dispatching and customer tracking systems.

Our service area includes eastern Texas, southwest Arkansas and the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. 

Advantage E-Cycling has established itself as a company where customer service is the highest priority.  Our customers can look to us for all of their electronic destruction needs.  Why?  It’s simple…  We are EPA compliant for electronic media as well as hard drive destruction.  We offer quality service with highly trained, skilled employees who are dedicated to exceeding the customer’s expectations while meeting our stringent operational procedures. 

Our continued growth in the E-Cycling business has been the result of outstanding and cost effective customer service.  We take pride in meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.  After much research, planning and preparation, we answered our customer’s calls for electronic recycling and destruction services.  We are ready to serve your needs.

Why use Advantage E-Cycling?

Today’s technology has created a virtual tidal wave of electronic devices, including computers and computer monitors, that have become obsolete or wear out at an increasingly faster rate.

The demand for newer, superior technology has increased the pace at which current devices reach the end of their useful lives.  As a result, obsolete electronics have become a global problem.  Proper disposal of computers, computer monitors and other electronics needs to be handled by a recycling company rather than being sent to a waste disposal company.

When a company conducts an in-house equipment retirement program, Desktop Pipeline (July 14, 2005) reports that costs can often exceed $400 per computer!  IT Managers often find themselves
wasting valuable time trying to properly discard obsolete computer hardware.

At Advantage E-Cycling, we provide security of information and peace of mind to our customers!


  • Quality service that can handle all of your information destruction needs
  • Certificates of destruction issued to document the process
  • Advantage staff offers next day service when loading
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally compliant – zero waste stream goal meets EPA standards
  • Ensures customer compliance with HIPPA, SOX, FACTA and GLB

International Association of Electronics Recyclers – Member